Напишите, пожалуйста, сообщение на тему: День Космонавтики:)) Кратко:)

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Вимовляю слово мама і видається мені

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1. Meg (to look) upon as a perfect wife for a clergyman.2. After his brothers departure Paul sat for a long time thinking about what (to say).3. Im not prepared, my father said, to listen to your suggestions that you never (to treat)fairly at school,4. Remember! (to pay) by an nour, grumbled the driver.5. But there were signs that order (to restore) in the town.6. Well, what (to do) about it, Ted?7. He went into the bedroom. The bed (to turn) down for the night by the maid many hours before.8. Please find out if our father (to see) to leave.9. She could have gone to Cambridge if she had wanted, she (to offer) .a scholarship.10. On Friday she (to give) two weeks notice at the Works.11. Then the voice announced that the passengers (to ask) to pass through the Customs.12. I wondered to what extent she (to influence) by his name to accept his offer.13. Such are the matters that (to deal) with in Mr Burroughss book.14. I found the idea of going to Hereford very upsetting because I (to promise) a very nice job a couple of weeks before.15. Not far away she noticed the film manager in whose office she once (to make) to feel so ridiculous.16. You must be very prosperous, Eustace, to own a car like that. - This car (to lend) to me by an American woman.

Составить программу: Дана буква русского алфавита. Вывести на экран является ли эта буква гласной, согласной или разделительным знаком

грузовая машина проезжает расстояние между двумя городами за 30 ч. а легковая за 20 ч. машины одновременно выехали из этих городов навстречу друг другу через сколько часов они встретятся ?

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