При равноускоренном движении автомобиля в течении 2с.скорость увеличилась от 5 м/с до 7 м/с.чему равен модуль ускорения?

Физика, Далее ответ

По этой теме смотрели

Где располагаются очаги вулканов?

На какие группы по абсолютной высоте разделяют: горы, равнины? как определить абсолютную высоту гор и равнин по физической карте

1. Jake is a good footballer. Do you know since when ..... football?he has been playinghe playshas he been playingis he playing2. Jerry promised to come to work in time. He is not here, and he even ..... .isn’t callinghasnt calledhasnt been callingdoesn’t call3. Susan is a fashion designer. Now, she ..... at a new set of clothes to be shown at a fashion show in April.worksis workinghas been workinghas worked4. Their car is as good as new though they ..... it for a number of years.havehave been havingare havinghave had5. I don’t like Alice. She ..... about difficulties of life all the time.complainsis complaininghas complainedhas been complaining6. There! ..... this big heavy cloud in the sky; I am sure it’ll rain in a minute.Do you seeHave you seenAre you seeingHave you been seeing7. For many years American schools ..... federal aid for special purposes.receivehave receivedhave been receivingare receiving8. Sara, my next door neighbour, has a car, but she ..... it very often.doesn’t useisn’t usinghasn’t usedhasn’t been using9. Look here! I simply refuse to believe what you ..... me now.are tellinghave been tellinghave toldtell10. Nora, you look awfully tired. What ..... all day?do you doare you doinghave you been doinghave you done11. Her family ..... from town to town ever since she can remember.is movinghas movedmoveshas been moving12. About 85 percent of American students ..... public schools, which are supported by state and local taxes.attendare attendinghave attendedhave been attending13. My mother is a medical nurse; she takes care of sick and old people. What ..... for a living?does your mother dois your mother doinghas your mother donehas your mother been doing14. A group of scientists are travelling around Africa. How many countries ..... so far, I wonder?have they visitedhave they been visitingthey have visiteddo they visit15. Its raining, and I see you dont have an umbrella. You can borrow mine, I ..... it now.don’t needdid not needhaven’t neededhaven’t been needing

составить программу на языке паскаль: S= 1-2+3-4+5-...(+,-)n.помогите пожалуйста)))

сколько килограммов этановой кислоты можно получить при окислении этанола массой 7,92 кг, если выход продукта реакции равен 85%.

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