Представьте выражение в виде многочлена1) (x-2)(x+3)+(x+2)(x-3)2)(a-1)(a+2)+(a+1)(a-2)3)(a+1)(a+2)+(a+3)(a+4)4)(x-1)(x-2)+(x-3)(x-4)

Алгебра, Далее ответ

По этой теме смотрели

Решите уравнения: а)х:6*7=420 б)х*7=420 в)х+7=420:6

Что такое байт, килобайт, мегабайт, гигабайт?

Переведите текст своими словами , на русский! Не точный перевод - просто передайте смыслSo I want to introduce you to a concept known as thesunk cost fallacy. Imagine that you’re going to the store and you’rehalfway there when you realize, “Oh wait, the store is actually closedtoday.” But you figure, “Well, I’ve already come ten blocks. I mightas well just go all the way to the store, you know, so that my tenblocks of walking won’t have been wasted. Well, this is a transparentlysilly way to reason and I doubt that any of us would actually go allthe way to a store that we knew was closed just because we’d alreadygone ten blocks.But this pattern of thinking is actually surprisinglycommon in scenarios that are a little bit less obvious than the storeexample. So, say you’re in a career and it’s becoming more and moreclear to you that this isn’t actually a fulfilling career for you.You’d probably be happier somewhere else. But you figure I’ll juststick with it because I don’t want my past ten years of effort and timeand money to have been wasted. So the time and money and effort andwhatever else you’ve already spent is what we call the sunk cost. It’sgone no matter what you do going forward. And now you’re just trying todecide given that I’ve already spent that money or time or whatever,what choice is going to produce the best outcome for my future.And the sunk cost fallacy then means making a choicenot based on what outcome you think is going to be the best goingforward but instead based on a desire not to see your past investment goto waste.Once you start paying attention to the sunk costfallacy you’ll probably notice at least a few things that you would liketo be doing differently. And maybe those will be small scale thingslike, in my case, I now am much more willing to just abandon a book if ahundred pages in I conclude that I’m not enjoying it and I’m, you know,not getting any value out of it rather than trudging through theremaining 200-300 pages of the book just because I don’t want, you know,my past investment of a hundred pages, the time that I spent readingthose hundred pages to go to waste.And you might notice some large things, too. Forexample, I was in a Ph.D. program and started realizing, “Gee, thisreally isn’t the field for me.” And you know, it’s a shame that I havespent the last several years preparing for and working in this Ph.D.program but I genuinely predict going forward that I’d be happier if Iswitched to another field. And sometimes it really does take time tofully acknowledge to yourself that you don’t have any good reason tostick with the job or Ph.D. or project that you’ve been working on solong because sunk costs are painful. But at least having the sunk costfallacy on your radar means that you have the opportunity at least topush past that and make the choice that instead will lead to the betteroutcomes for your future.

В результате мейоза образуются1) 4 клетки с одинарным набором хромосом2) 2 клетки с тройным набором хромосом3) 2 клетки с двойным набором хромосом4) 4 клетки с двойным набором хомосом

Автомобиль движущийся равноускоренно из состояния покоя пройдя некоторый путь, достиг 20м/с. Какова была скорость в средней точке этого пути?

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  1. А банкиры и политики со своими ручными телебоссами тем временем уже сложили оружие, расписываясь в полной капитуляции, ведь аудитория и электорат бесповоротно вышли изпод контроля и более не желали повиноваться экрану.

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