Пачка бумаги дороже на 2,1 руб. сколько стоят одна пачка бумаги и один набор карандашей, если за 4 пачки бумаги заплатили столько же, сколько за 10 наборов карандашей?

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Помогиииите ОООЧЕНЬ СРОЧНОООООсделайте задание к текстуWITCHES LOAVESOne day the man came as usual, and asked for his stale loaves. While Miss Martha was getting them, there was a great noise in the street and the man hurried to the door to look. Suddenly Miss Martha Lad a bright idea.On the shelf behind the counter was some fresh butter. With a bread knife Miss Martha made a deep cut in each of the stale leaves put a big piece of butter there, and pressed the loaves together again.the man turned to her, she was putting the loaves into a paper bag.When he had gone, after a very pleasant little talk, Miss Martha smiled to herself, and her heart beat very fast.For a long time that day she could not think of anything else. She imagined his face when he would discover her little secret. He would stop painting and lay down his brushes. There would stand his picture in which the perspective was perfect. He would prepare for his meal of stale bread and water. He would take a loaf-ah!Miss Martha blushed. Would ho think of the hand that had put it there as ho ate Would he -The front bell rang loudly. Somebody was coming in, making very much noise.Miss Martha hurried into the shop. Two men were there. One was a young man smoking a pipe-a man she had never seen before. The other man was her artist.His face was very red, his hat was on the back of his head, his hair was falling all over his face. He shook his two fists angrily at Miss Martha. At Miss Martha! Fool! he shouted very loudly. The young man tried to draw him away.I shall not go, he said angrily, before I told her. He beat his fists on Miss Marthas counter. You have spoilt my work, he cried, I will tell you. You are a stupid old cat!Miss Martha stood back against the shelves and laid one hand on her heart. The young man took his companion by the arm. Come on, lie said, you have said enough. He drew the angry man out into the street, and then came back. I think I must tell you, ma’am, he said, why he is so angry. That is Blumberger. He is a draughtsman.I work in the same office with him.He worked very hard for three months drawing a plan for a new City Hall. It was a prize competition. He finished it yesterday. You know, a draughtsman always makes his drawing in pencil first. When it is finished he rubs out the pencil lines with stale bread. That is hotter than indiarubber.Blumberger always bought the bread here. Well, today-well, you know, ma’am, that butter isn’t-well, Blumberger’s plan isn’t good for anything now.Miss Martha went into the bock room. She took off the blue silk blouse and put on the old brown one she had worn before, then she poured the mixture for her face out of the window.1.найдите в тексте и выпишите такие словосочетаниепрекрасная идея, свежее масло, нож для хлеба, глубокий надрез в каждой 4булочке, бумажный пакет, отложить кисточки , молодой человек

1. Стратегия высоких цен успешно может применяться (несколько ответов):А) при проникновении на рынокБ) при премиальном ценообразованииВ) при следовании за лидеромГ) при низком качестве товара2. Ценообразование затратным методом может основываться на:А) сумме постоянных и переменных затратБ) сумме валовых затратВ) сумме предельных затратГ) все ответы верны3. Может ли фирма пойти на временное снижение цен для реализации своих товарных запасов?А) Нет.Б) Всегда так поступает.В) Иногда, устраивая распродажи.Г) Нет правильного ответа

Помогите ответить на вопросы пожалуйста. с: Почему торговые фирмы во всём мире организуют распродажи по сниженным ценам? Почему фирмы во всем мире постоянно ищут рынки товаров, которые являются новинками и вызывают большой интерес покупателей? Почему неизменность цен в командной экономике СССР не способствовала росту предложения дефицитных товаров? Заранее большое спасибо.

Столицы каких субъектов РФ имеют перевод красный, назовите эти города

Готовое сочинение характеристика героя по произведению Тень Шварца

2 Replies to “Пачка бумаги дороже на 2,1 руб. сколько стоят одна пачка бумаги и один набор карандашей, если за 4 пачки бумаги заплатили столько же, сколько за 10 наборов карандашей?

  1. Мама с папой днем и ночью дышали над ним, а иногда ставили свечи около кровати, чтобы нечистая сила отстала от .

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